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[Comfort zone] is a leading Italian company in the field of development and production of skincare products and treatments. Our mission is to combine the best of science and nature by offering the highest quality products with results orientated treatments. [Comfort zone] appeals to all and offers the ultimate spa experience. All [comfort zone] treatments begin with our signature tranquillity welcome ritual, to relax and soothe the senses.




- 24hr deep hydrating treatment 60 Mins £ 36.50

A deeply hydrating treatment to improve moisture levels in the skin. Hibiscus and honey work to retain moisture in the skin whilst the special ingredient trehalose taken from a desert plant works to increase the moisture and leave the skin feeling silky smooth.

Skin Rensonance

- Rebalancing treatment for sensitive skins 60 Mins £ 36.00

A treatment developed to rebalance and strengthen sensitive skins. This treatment not only cools and calms but reduces any irritation within the skin.

Recover Touch

- Anti-oxidant vitamin treatment. 45 Mins £ 36.50

Anti-oxidant vitamin treatment works to neutralise free radicals which can destroy the skins natural collagen and elastin. Nourishing cloudberry and canola oil revive a dull, tired complexion.


Active Pureness Rebalancing

- Deep purifying treatment. 60 Mins £ 39.50

Deep cleansing treatment recommended for oily or combination skins; extracts of sage, balm mint and orange fruit water deeply cleanse and leave the skin feeling fresh and restored.


Absolute Pearl

- Treatment for dull skins or pigmentation prone skin 60 Mins £ 40.00

This facial treatment gives immediate freshness, vitality and luminosity due to antioxidant, smoothing and whitening actions of the products. Ideal for all skin types for an illuminating, and revitalizing action.

Renew & Nourish

Glorious Skin

75 Mins £ 50.00

This treatment gives an immediate lifting and tensing effect. Incorporates the ingredient hexapeptide which works as a muscle inhibitor. This treatment is excellent for a special occasion or will give on-going lifting and firming effects especially when used in conjunction with a special homecare programme. Uses a unique setting mask which once removed reveals firmer smoother looking skin.

Chrono Reverser Collagen

- Exfoliation and anti-ageing treatment. 75 Mins £ 50.00

Using an exclusive synergy of new-generation active ingredients and superior collagen this extraordinary treatment resurfaces, revitalises and deeply hydrates the skin, plumping out fine lines and leaving your skin supple and moisturised with a radiant glow.

Eye Supreme

- Anti-ageing. 45 Mins £ 25.00

Multi-active rejuvenating eye zone treatment. A specific treatment to rejuvenate the delicate area around the eyes. Natural ingredients combined with peptide technology will work to reduce dark circles, puffiness and fine lines, moisture and hydration are restored while an innovative hydrogel mask will bring rapid relief from stress and fatigue.


Comfort Touch Massage

- Body 60 mins £55.00. Back, neck and shoulders 30mins £30.00

Using specially selected oils tailor make the treatment to suit your needs, designed to relax and rebalance energy levels while alleviating muscular tension and stress.

Tranquillity Ritual Treatment

- Well-being ritual for face and body. 90 Mins £ 60.00

The precious combination of a delicate texture, aromaticological olfactive notes and the power of human touch, renders this a unique experience to deeply relax body and mind.


- Firming and anti-ageing body treatment. 60 Mins £ 48.00

Using a synergy of active ingredients to firm and repair damaged skin. Kamani oil stimulates collagen synthesis and walnut works against the adverse effects of atmospheric pollution. D-age also works to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and aids in the prevention of new ones.

Remodelling Treatments

Body Startagist + Cellulite Remodeller

- Double action cellulite treatment. 60 Mins £ 48.00

To reduce adipose deposits, assist local microcirculation and stimulate lipolytic action. This treatment is not advised for people with fragile capillaries, thyroid concerns and during pregnancy.

Mud Treatments

Monticelli Mud

- Conditioning mud treatment. 60 Mins £ 48.00

Enriched with Monticelli thermal mud taken from the mineral rich river banks of Monticelli Italy. Detoxifying and draining action due to the active ingredients in the soft Monticelli thermal mud, enriched with mineral salt thermal waters from Terme di Monticelli. Healing and restorative benefits.

New Shrinking Violet Body Wrap

The revolutionary body inch loss wrap from Tibby Olivier

- Treatments £ 55
Removes fat from difficult areas
Reduce by a dress size in a single treatment

Shrinking Violet body wrap works by lipolysis, a revolutionary method to remove unwanted fat. The fat is removed from the areas you want, without effort or discomfort. The amount of fat reduction varies depending on your build, but many people may reduce by at least one whole size after the first treatment. Difficult areas such as the stomach, bottom, thighs, hips and upper arms, are a big problem. Lipolysis offers pain-free slimming and breaks down inside the actual fat cells, where triglycerides are changed changed to free fatty acid, so they can be excreted in tissue fluid and further transported to the lymph vessels.


Hydra Performance Facial

- Rehydration treatment for men. 60 Mins £ 38.00

Perfectly restores moisture levels to the skin with the use of active ingredients such as Swiss glacial water. Ideal for frequent flyers or skin that is exposed to extreme temperatures and environmental stress.

Pure Performance Facial

- Active purification treatment. 60 Mins £ 38.00

Removes impurities whilst rebalancing oily areas. This deep cleansing treatment leaves the skin with a perfectly matte finish.

Anit-Age Performance Facial

- Active rejuvenating treatment. 60 Mins £ 38.00

Active treatment to contrast wrinkles and expression lines, stimulates cell renewal leaving the skin firm, compact and toned. Uses a lightweight ultra effective serum to firm the skins surface.


LYCON low temperature and gentle formula waxes provide a pain-free experience for most and with LYCON we offer you the very highest quality in professional waxing with: hot wax and strip wax. LYCON products are formulated with the finest natural resins and bees wax.

- FULL LEG £ 20.00
- 3/4 LEG £ 16.00
- 1/2 LEG £ 12.00
- UNDERARM £ 7.50
- BIKINI £ 7.50
- CHIN £ 6.00
- EYEBROW £ 6.00


- CHEST FROM £ 14.00
- BACK FROM £ 14.00

Spray Tan

For a natural looking tan, that gives longer lasting results, in light or dark shades.

- LEGS £ 10.00
- FULL £ 20.00
*Patch test is required 24 hours prior to treatment.


Being introduced as a unique, trend setting brand it offers you more than just a make-up collection, giving a professional finish. This make-up range of cosmetics provides for all ages when preparing for any occasion such as your wedding day.

- Make up application using Art Deco range for all occasions.. From £28.00
- Wedding make up trial and applied ont the big day.  £50.00


- LASHES £ 9.00
- EYEBROWS £ 6.00
*Patch test is required 24 hours prior to treatment.

Nail Care

Replenishing Manicure

45 Mins £ 20.00

Using OPI Avoplex products this will nourish and condition your skin with the essence and goodness of avocados. All complete with your choice of nail colour.

Rejuvenating Manicure

60 Mins £ 25.00

This Age defying Manicure will revitalise, renew and protect giving you the appearance of younger looking hands. All complete with your choice of nail colour.

Opi Pedicure

45 Mins £ 25.00

Uplifting tired aching feet using OPI botanical ingredients to refresh and reenergise those hard working feet. All complete with your choice of nail colour.

Opi Spa Pedicure

60 Mins £ 30.00

The ultimate luxurious treatment including a ultra moisturising foot mask followed with a deluxe foot massage to ensure feet are truly pampered. All complete with your choice of nail colour.

File and Polish

£ 12.00

Axxium Gel Soak Off Nails

The first soak off gel that helps to protect the natural nail with an none chipping and glossy finish.

Axxium gel overlays £20.00
Axxium soak off £ 10.00